Feb 16

VAT Rates in Maharashtra FY 2012-13

As we all know VAT (Value Added Tax) is a indirect Tax levied my the state Government. The goods are taxed at different rates in different states.Government of Maharashtra has issued a teble for the list of commodities and the rate at which they are taxed. There are various groups of commodities for which the VAT is charged. A schedule of such rates in Maharashtra State for FY 2012-2013 is being provided for your quick referance.

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  1. sushil sharma

    mvat main koi item 12.5% vat lag kar aati hai to 12.5% pura credit nhi milt hai 3% kam setoff main yani 12.5% -3% =9.5 hi input milta hai wo kon se item hai plz reply dijiyeega

    1. Admin

      Dear Sushil,
      We are no able to get your question can you please explain ud what do you want to say?


  2. Vilas Shedge

    Please Send Iteamwise Vat Percentage Maharashtra State 2013-2014

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